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Account Reinstatement

We specialize in the most difficult cases. The majority of our clients submit multiple ineffective appeals prior to starting our service. Our insight, knowledge, and experience give us an upper hand when it comes to dealing with every type of suspension. We’re able to identify the cause of the suspension, the measures required to resolve the violations, and the prevention steps for future compliance. We help sellers get reinstated by providing the solutions that Seller Performance considers effective for reinstatement.


ASIN Reinstatement

Since we cater to top selling clients, each ASIN is important for business. Most sellers depend on their top selling ASINs in order to generate and maintain high-volume sales on Amazon. Once an ASIN is suspended, sellers lose income quickly while the item is inactive on the storefront. Since this is a time sensitive matter, we treat these cases in the same manner as an account suspension. We assist sellers with reinstating top selling blocked products.


Complaint Retraction

As of 2019, infringement-based complaints are the most common types of violations on Amazon. Sellers are experiencing a high rate of complaints from brand owners, and these complaints commonly result in account notices and account suspensions. Once a complaint is received, Amazon usually requests a retraction. Complaining parties are looking for specific remedies in order to feel comfortable with submitting a retraction. We’re experts at communicating with complaining parties to get retractions so sellers can start making progress in their case.


Account Notation

Seller Performance regularly sends notices to sellers which indicate various violations that need to be addressed. Since these notices don’t explicitly state that they put the account at risk of suspension, the majority of sellers ignore these notices. Each notice needs to be addressed so Seller Performance can see that the seller has identified the error and is applying actions to remedy the violation. We help sellers address these notices by getting the account notated of compliance with Amazon TOS.

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Complimentary MWS Software

Sellercare clients are eligible to gain access to our complimentary account monitoring services. These services include Amazon MWS reporting software which keeps tabs on negative notices, warnings, and metric changes within the account. By continuously monitoring negative changes, we help sellers identify issues right away in order to address them properly.          


Suspension Prevention

If an account is active, our goal is to help sellers prevent suspension by submitting appeals when any notice has been received on the account. Unfortunately, it’s common for Seller Performance to initiate account reviews that are time sensitive. Typically, a notice will instruct sellers to provide an appeal within “24 hours” in order to prevent suspension. We understand the urgency of these types of notices and we help sellers by providing appeals that finalize the review and prevent suspension.  

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