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Who is Sellercare?

Sellercare® has 20 years of experience dealing with Amazon. In 1999, when the Amazon marketplace was first being established, one of the first Amazon marketplace managers flew out to California, and personally invited our company to sell on the newly created platform. At the time, our company was invited to sell on Amazon based on the reputation of our popular video gaming website. We were one of the first sellers on Amazon. Once the international marketplaces started getting established, we began selling across multiple platforms. We were also one of the FIRST USA based Amazon sellers on the Amazon U.K., Amazon Japan, Amazon Germany, and Amazon France marketplaces.

What do we do?

Sellercare® is a consulting firm that caters to established Amazon sellers with high-volume sales on Amazon. Sellercare® is the first U.S based consulting company to offer e-commerce seller performance services to Amazon sellers. Sellercare® offers a variety of services which range from account management software, suspension prevention, blocked ASINs, account notations, infringement complaint retractions, and resolving the most difficult account suspensions. We are a one stop shop for all seller performance related matters for top seller clientele. 

Since we started selling on Amazon before the Seller Performance department was even created, we have dealt with every type of Amazon situation, and we understand how Amazon operates on multiple levels. In 2014, we decided to put our Amazon knowledge to use, and we began assisting Amazon sellers with seller performance related matters. Our keen insight into Amazon TOS, Amazon strategies, and Amazon operations gives us a unique advantage when it comes to providing our proprietary seller performance related services to top seller clients. In the last year alone, we have successfully reinstated over 1900 Amazon seller accounts. We are determined to beat our number from last year, and we are already on a path to do so!

Sellercare® Advantage

Sellercare-Amazon Top Seller Solutions

Sellercare® Partners

Sellercare® is the exclusive reinstatement consulting company for Payability. When Payability clients get suspended, Sellercare® manages their Amazon account suspensions and assists with reinstatement.

Sellercare is partnered up with Payoneer and Kabbage, and our clients receive special deals.


We are always looking for additional services and opportunities for our clients. Inquire about the unique discounts and promotions that we offer our clients for Payability, Payoneer, and Kabbage services

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Sellercare® Pictures

Sellercare Partners with Joseph Sirosh (FIRST Vice President of Transaction Risk for Amazon.com), Tokyo 2008. Joseph Sirosh built and led the Transaction Risk group which later turned into “Seller Performance”.

Sellercare Partners with Sebastian Gunningham (Senior VP of seller services at Amazon.Com) and Jasper Cheung (President of Amazon Japan), Tokyo 2008.